Essential oils for health, beauty and home.

I would love to support you as you embark on your healthier living journey. The way the dōTERRA family works is that you find someone that you'd like to offer you guidance and education on how to use your oils safely and effectively and you enrol as part of their team. I have an amazing team of health focused people - nutritionists, wellness warriors, yoga instructors, naturopaths, personal trainers and health conscious parents. As a whole foods nutritionist and a mum, I live as natural a lifestyle as I possibly can for the health of my family. As well as eating well, I use natural cleaning products and skincare and avoid unnecessary toxins wherever possible. I'd love to share with you how I do this! 

Below are the step by step instructions for creating your dōTERRA wholesale account. It's like an exclusive membership that you can use to access a permanent 25% off the retail price of these premium quality oils. You also have the opportunity to participate in a monthly rewards programme to get free oils and points to collect for even more freebies! dōTERRA has one of the most loyal customer bases around and it's not only the company ethics and culture but the amazing products. See for yourself - jump on board with me. You'll never be pushed into buying anything - and you'll certainly never be required to sell to your friends. If anything, they'll all be curious to know what you're doing differently and why you always smell amazing! ;) 

How to set up your own dōTERRA wholesale account:

Don't pay retail for your certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils.


Points of note:

  • You have no obligation whatsoever to buy with a wholesale account.

  • The $35 annual membership fee is included in certain kits.

  • You're invited each year to renew for $25, which includes a bottle of peppermint oil (retail value $35).

  • There is also no requirement to 'sell' the oils to friends and family. 


To order:

1. Go here.
2. Click on "Join & Save." If you'd like to pay retail prices (25% more), please select "Shop."
3. A new window will open and ask you to select your preferred language and country for shipping purposes.
4.Click on "Continue."
5. When asked to choose between ordering within Australia or shipping from America - choose Local (OTG) Order (for those of you in Australia and NZ). You can change this at any time if you want to purchase products from the US or if you are based in the US.😋
6. Choose "Wellness Advocate" if you'd like your own free dōTERRA website to share with friends and family. There is no ongoing obligation to buy with either option.
7. Fill out Personal Information form. My enroller ID should be pre-filled but, if not, enter 3509304 to ensure that I'm the one who will provide you with support. If someone else has given you samples or guidance, please go back to them to set up your wholesale account. <3
8. Choose the kit you want or build your own kit by choosing the individual oils you would like, as well as any accessories such as a diffuser (if it doesn't come with your kit). I am available to help you choose if you can't decide what would be most beneficial right now.
9. Fill out payment information.
10. Submit form - and you're all set. 🎉 Set your Loyalty Rewards Program order - this can be changed right up until midnight the day before your order is due to process. I often change mine several times as I find new blends I'd like to try or new oils become available! ;) 

I'd love to help you if you can't decide what oils you'd like or how exactly essential oils can enhance your lifestyle. Please contact me at your leisure for further information.