Allow me to introduce myself ...

I'm Tania Bentin, holistic nutritionist and Certified GAPS(TM) Practitioner. I am driven to help people discover good health and vitality by identifying which foods help them thrive and which foods could be contributing to their ill health.  

My thoughts on nutrition are not easily summed up in a paragraph. You see, everyone is different. We all have different lifestyles, different demands on our time and we all have a unique genetic makeup. There is no point in trying to follow a one-size-fits-all dietary approach with the aim of recreating someone else's success. 


I'm excited to be in a position to help you determine where you might be going wrong or perhaps offer you a little support on your quest for good health. I wish I'd discovered a career in nutrition earlier. I have a B.A. (Hons) in French and Linguistics as well as a Diploma in Multimedia - neither of which led me to a career I was passionate about but which have helped shape me into the person I am today. I simply love learning and the rapidly growing field of nutrition is an exciting area to be in for someone who loves to learn and keep abreast of the latest developments. I believe people are looking outside of conventional food guidelines because, quite simply, those guidelines are not working for us. People, in general, are sicker than ever before.

As well as my nutrition qualifications, I'm a mother of three amazing children. I know - everyone thinks their own children are amazing. I am especially indebted to mine because it was through their food intolerances and allergies that I stumbled down the path of nutrition and natural health; a path that has now become my passion.

My children are finally thriving. We eat a mainly organic, whole foods diet, avoiding the foods that they react to although we have been able to reintroduce many things, such as tomatoes! Through dietary changes, we have resolved a host of issues including bed-wetting, eczema, night terrors, constant tummy upsets, tantrums, urinary tract infections, hyperactivity, irrational fears and more. 

I'd love for you to give me a call or drop me a line to chat about how I can help you in person or via Skype.

Tania xo

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DC, Ballarat

Tania shows true compassion and makes it her personal quest to help us busy mums/business women feel better about ourselves with guidance in better nutrition and overall health and wellbeing. Her advice and chats has been a huge lift in my personal journey and I always look forward to catching up with Tania for more ideas on yummy recipes and mindful activities!

RS, Ballarat

I’m in my 40’s and approached Tania to help me set up my holistic lifestyle to take me through to my old age and in just 3 short months everyone notices the new me.

LM, Ballarat

I really can't speak highly enough of Tania & her work. She is incredibly knowledgable and passionate about nutrition and nothing is too much for her. She has been happy to answer questions via text and email in between appointments and can even offer Skype consultations when I'm not well enough to drive into town. To top it all off, Tania is also one of loveliest human beings I've ever had the privilege of meeting and she's been an enormous help to me.

EC, Ballarat

Tania has been one of the most helpful health professionals I've ever seen!
She has guided me into a much healthier way of eating, and a healthier lifestyle overall.
I wholeheartedly recommend her services :)

KW, Ballarat

Tania is compassionate about gut health and helping people to have good health and feel better in themselves. Tania is generous with her knowledge and with her time - always making time to answer any question or to give advice. Tania has helped me immensely on my journey to have better health and more energy. I would highly recommend Tania!

MJ, Ballarat

Tania is very professional, up to date and passionate! I had a great experience meeting with Tania!

LR, Ballarat

Tania is a star! She consulted with a very confident 8 year old about making good choices for a vegetarian diet. Tania listened and consulted in a professional, skilled and friendly manner. Her recommendations were provided in a user friendly report. Tania employs a whole body approach and we as a family have taken on many of her recommendations. Feeling great!

JH, Ballarat

Tania has been the first nutritionist who has made sense. She doesn’t make you feel guilty for any food choices that you make, but advises you of better choices that you can make next time or that as an occasional thing it’s ok.
With the help of Tania I have been able to make changes that I will be able to sustain for life. I am only beginning my journey and couldn’t think of anyone better to help me along the way. It’s not just the appointments in the office, but knowing that she is just an email away if I have questions between appointments is such a personal touch.

KL, Ballarat

In the world we are living in, knowledge is power and, when it comes to health, I feel the more knowledge the better we can deal with what we are faced with. 

After just not feeling "right" and doctors saying I was "in good health", a friend suggested I see Tania and boy am I glad I did. Tania is a wealth of knowledge, her passion for the science behind health is incredible and now I have answers and a plan. Tania suggested I do a DNA test as she felt it would be a great blueprint to work from. 

Tania's approach to her work is also divine, she is respectful of your choices and is understanding of different lifestyles. I used to think nutritionists were a food plan but Tania is a lifestyle plan and genuinely wants to see her clients heal. 

Thank you Tania, you are a breath of fresh air with all of the information out there you have helped me navigate a great plan and I'm grateful for walking through your door.

SB, Ballarat

Tania is wonderful! So thorough and knowledgeable. Can’t recommend her highly enough!

RB, Buninyong

Tania, such a wise soul! Thanks so much for all your help with all these challenges I face! Helping me to fine-tune my diet and get ready for upcoming challenges. 

Tania is such a wealth of knowledge and has really helped me understand my DNA challenges and what has an impact on them. Cleaning eating and clean living the key. 

Thank you for all the time you spend helping me and for our chats! I do love our chats! Cannot recommend Tania enough!

AC, Ballarat

I’m excited that Tania will be guiding me on my journey to better health. My first two appointments have been compassionate, thorough & enlightening! Tania is empathetic, knowledgeable & incredibly eager to improve personal outcomes. The information & support with food plans & supplements is professional & delivered in a way that makes it feel infinitely do-able! Looking forward to all the improvements ahead. Highly recommend.

LB, Skype

Tania is simply one of the best nutritional practitioners I've ever seen. Not only is she top-notch in her knowledge of nutrition, natural foods, supplements and the body she is incredibly kind and easy to talk to during a nutritional consultation. Tania genuinely cares about you and has an interest in improving your health - whether you want to get some of your health issues solved, want to lose weight naturally, or just be a better version of yourself, Tania will assist you in doing that.

AR, Ballarat

Tania is an amazing wholistic nutritionist. She puts so much time into every individual as she explains there is no one size fits all approach. Not only has Tania been able to assist me with a healthier way of living but she has also opened my eyes to products and toxins that I put in my body and on my skin (which I wasn’t aware of) and has guided me towards a low tox way of living. I thank you Tania whole heartedly for everything you have done for me.

CW, Ballarat

Tania from Quintessential Health + Nutrition has been amazing assisting us with recommendations and guidance for our daughter. It has been refreshing to work with Tania as she understands what it is like to be a busy mum and makes recommendations that are workable for a family.

KM, New Zealand

Tania was so helpful and positive, and made a point of explaining all the technical "stuff" in my tests so that I could understand what it meant. Her follow-up has been amazing, outlining what she'd recommend for next steps (and steps after those). I can't recommend Tania enough.

AM, Ballarat

I can't recommend Tania highly enough! Her service is professional and caring. I have had excellent results with her recommendations and the support has been exceptional! I thoroughly recommend Tania as a nutritionist!

Everybody is different - there is no single solution for everyone. The food you eat is the very foundation of your health and wellbeing. Learn how to make the right food choices for YOUR body and lifestyle with Tania Bentin, Holistic Nutritionist.

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